His Writings His Life  
I. Texts:
01. Who are we to love?
02. The course of life
03. The blood of love
04. The search for God
05. Jesus receives sinners
06. Hunger and thirst for justice
07. The vision of eternity
08. How can I fill up my life?
09. Always in contact with God
10. A testimony
11. The risks of faith
12. You are the light of the world
13. Death
14. My dear young couple
15. Sacrifice and joy
16. The priestly vocation
17. Pessimists and optimists
18. To live forever
19. Testament of faith
20. Blessed
21. He who gives himself grows
22. Work at God's Rhythm
23. The multiplication of the loaves
Priest of the Lord
25. The obligation of charity
26. My life, an arrow shot
27. Adoration and service
28. The man of action
29. Norms for remaining in union
30. Te Deum
31. Commitment in the temporal
32. In those days of abandonment
33. My life is a prolonged Mass
34. Our imitation of Christ
35. The mission of the apostle
36. With great haste
37. The success of the failures
38. An immense responsibility
39. The social mission of the student
40. The call of Christ
41. Mary, model of cooperation
42. Let us be Christians
43. You are not your own
44. The Mystical Body
45. The christian reaction to anguish
46. The Mother of all
47. The Foundation of our love
Last Message
II. Biography:
01. Childhood and Youth
02. The Jesuit Student
03. Apostle among youth
04. The Social Apostolate
05. The Last Years